Next Meeting – October 24th

Since our last meeting, at the beginning of Summer, a lot has happened; Oakland Country’s executive branch has transitioned into Democrat control, under suspicious actions, of which a law suit was filed.  We’re lining-up the top speakers on this to up-date us at our next meeting in October.  We are also watching the budget battle in Lansing.  It all exemplifies the importance of electing republican majorities in local and state elections and what happens when we don’t.  This coming season, we will be bringing you the top speakers on what’s going on as well as the campaigns going into next year’s elections.  So, Mark your calendar for our next meeting on Thursday, October 24 at the Pontiac Country Club at 7:00pm

We’re on Social Mode till Autumn

We’ve come to the part of the year where people start enjoying warm weather activities and late evenings.  Therefore our activities become more festive starting with the Waterford Memorial Day Parade.  Come march with us, it’s a lot of fun along the streets lined with thousands of people.  This year we will build a new float, so keep an eye out for our float building party.

The meetings we’ve had this year have covered many current issues starting with an examination of birthright citizenship by a constitutional professor, a debate on the wall, an update on auto insurance reform and capped off with a business symposium on the new recreational marijuana industry.  Videos of the last three meetings can be seen on our Facebook group and page along with the PowerPoint presentations from the business symposium on our website.

NORC is also providing support to other clubs with a new linked calendar that will help prevent conflicting events.  Contact us about this if you’re with an organization that would like to participate.


The GOP is the pro-business party and this is a historical moment in Michigan’s history as we are in the genesis of a new industry.  The recreational marijuana business is budding and the government has until December to finalize all the regulation needed to begin retailing throughout the state.  This is the time to pay attention to our law makers as they develop all the rules and regulations. Our April 25th meeting will focus on this as our featured speaker will be Josh Hovey, founder and communications director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association.  We will also have a speaker from a leading cannabis lobbying firm as well as someone from the industry itself.  There is lots of interest in this business and we hope to get the answers.  This will be the last monthly meeting until Fall as we shift to more social events such as parties, parades and picnics during the warm weather months.

Last month’s meeting featured a presentation on No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform on the eve of another price hike, from Lana Theis, Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee.  She spelled out the problem and reasons for the continuing price increases but did not provide the solution.  As we see it, the elected officials, who ran on fixing the problem, have until the next election to get the job done.  We will visit this issue again.  This Fall, we will also look at the huge budget of Oakland County Schools.

The last Two monthly meetings we put on Facebook Live.  We didn’t promote it because it was a test but still we had many viewers and lots of expression of appreciation of it.  We will continue to do Facebook Live and with improvements to the sound quality.  It is possible to see our past two meetings at our facebook group and page.

Auto Insurance Reform and Gambling

“I will reform auto insurance” was a promise from just about every candidate last year regardless of party.  Michigan having the highest rates in the nation has made this one of the top issues among voters.  The result has been a lot of activity in Lansing and we are on the verge of change.  Representative Lana Theis has consistently championed this cause and will be at our March 28th meeting to brief us on the proposed reforms.

Last year the United States Supreme Court eliminated the federal restrictions on online gambling.  Now the legislation introduced by State Senator Kowall is carrying forward and is about to legalize it here.  Senator Kowall will discuss this with us at the March 28th meeting.

Also, mark you calendar for April 25 as we will have the head of the new Cannabis Industry Association.

Border Wall Debate

Boarder security and building a wall has become one of the most significant political focal points we’ve ever seen, so we thought it would be fun to host a debate on the topic for our February 28th meeting.  Arguing on the “pro wall” side will be Jasmine Early, Republican Sterling Heights Councilman, and on the “against” side will be Laura Dodd, former Democrat nominee for the Michigan House of Representatives.  As always, there will be an opportunity for audience participation. We will also have a discussion by Representative Mike Webber on his bill to convert the Michigan legislature to “part time” and a report by Maryn Sedsuda on Turning Point USA.

We are monitoring several significant activities in the legislature to present in future meetings. The March 28th meeting will feature reforms to auto insurance and civil asset forfeiture.  Our April 25th meeting will up-date on what’s going on in the new recreational marijuana industry.  So mark your calendars and we will do our best to keep you informed and involved.

NORC Hosting Debates

Presenting both sides of the issue by experts is the best way to achieve our mission to inform, educate and engage our members, and the public, on relevant issues.  Last month we hosted a panel discussion on the concept of creating a “school marshal” system to protect our students from a mass shooter.  The panel was balanced with a school superintendent and a career teacher, in opposition; a state representative and a lawyer/policeman/gun instructor in favor of it.   Over a hundred in attendance interacted with the panel.

On April 26th NORC will host a debate on the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” collected over 325,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot this fall will be represented by John Truscott, the head of the PR firm commissioned to promote the initiative. “Smart Approach to Marijuana” (SAM), the main opposition group, is sending Scott Greenly, of Healthy and Productive Michigan, to argue against it.

On May 24th, NORC will host a forum of the of the republican attorney general candidates.  This event will be held at the Waterford Township Hall to accommodate more people.  We will give NORC members, in good standing, the ability to submit questions in advance for the candidates through our web site.  You can become a member or renew in “good standing” at our next meeting or at

On June 7th, the 11th CDRC is hosting a debate of the Candidates for Congress for the 11th Congressional District and NORC members in good standing will have the opportunity to provide questions through the comments area of this web site.  The venue is the Livonia City Hall at 7:00pm.