In the post-election period, we can focus our attention on interesting issues that were obscured.  Similar to our efforts to alert you to the proposals to change how our voting districts are drawn and for same day voter registration, we now see real effort being brought by members of both parties to essentially eliminate the electoral college.  A person would think this is a farce that shouldn’t require our attention, however the opposite is the case. As NORC’s mission is to inform, educate and involve our members and guests with significant matters of government, our November 29th meeting (one week after Thanksgiving) will feature a debate which will feature top advocates on both sides of this issue.  Speaking on the anti-electoral college side is a former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP), Saul Anuzis.  On the opposition and defending the electoral college will be Norm Hughes, a former candidate to be chairman of the MIGOP.  We will also bring you a bonus debate on an effort to have a “convention of states” which would open the door for multiple amendments to the constitution.

NORC also takes pride in congratulating one of our board members and former president, Jim Runestad on his election to the Michigan Senate.  Jim will be in the Senate’s leadership as the Assistant Majority Caucus Chairman.

Mark your calendar for the NORC Christmas Party, Thursday, December 20 at Billy’s Tip-Inn, White Lake.  Festivities will include dinner, fun people, music, and lots of gifts.  Member tickets are just $20.00, Non-member $25.00 and sponsorships are available.