We’re on Social Mode till Autumn

We’ve come to the part of the year where people start enjoying warm weather activities and late evenings.  Therefore our activities become more festive starting with the Waterford Memorial Day Parade.  Come march with us, it’s a lot of fun along the streets lined with thousands of people.  This year we will build a new float, so keep an eye out for our float building party.

The meetings we’ve had this year have covered many current issues starting with an examination of birthright citizenship by a constitutional professor, a debate on the wall, an update on auto insurance reform and capped off with a business symposium on the new recreational marijuana industry.  Videos of the last three meetings can be seen on our Facebook group and page along with the PowerPoint presentations from the business symposium on our website.

NORC is also providing support to other clubs with a new linked calendar that will help prevent conflicting events.  Contact us about this if you’re with an organization that would like to participate.