Nov Mtg Looks at the State Budget and How to Fight Dems

These are challenging times for Republicans.  As Democrats have taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives, The State Governorship and the County, we are seeing how they handle control and unfortunately its not for the general good but rather to expand their own control.  At our last meeting, we heard a chilling tale from the Deputy County Executive under Brooks Patterson about what happened at Oakland County.  His story needs to be heard; the video of his presentation will soon be available on our soon to be created YouTube channel and his PowerPoint presentation is available on our website in the archives.

At the state level, for the first time in many years, the budget process was a total fiasco.  After our Democrat Governor realized she was not going to get her $.45/gallon gas tax increase, she passed the budget then slashed dozens of programs in line-item-vetoes.  At our November 14th meeting, we will have the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Shane Hernandez, to explain all of this.

All in all, we see the importance of winning republican majorities at every level of government.  The Democrats have squandered their control of the US House by trying to impeach the President rather than being productive by passing the USMCA, plugging the loopholes in the asylum laws or even working on infrastructure.  I’ve been getting calls from angry republicans from all over the county asking what they can do about all of this.  Therefore, I’ve invited the Regional Field Director of the Michigan Republican Party, Kathy Paul, to tell us what we can do to turn this around in next year’s election.