NORC Hosting Debates

Presenting both sides of the issue by experts is the best way to achieve our mission to inform, educate and engage our members, and the public, on relevant issues.  Last month we hosted a panel discussion on the concept of creating a “school marshal” system to protect our students from a mass shooter.  The panel was balanced with a school superintendent and a career teacher, in opposition; a state representative and a lawyer/policeman/gun instructor in favor of it.   Over a hundred in attendance interacted with the panel.

On April 26th NORC will host a debate on the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” collected over 325,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot this fall will be represented by John Truscott, the head of the PR firm commissioned to promote the initiative. “Smart Approach to Marijuana” (SAM), the main opposition group, is sending Scott Greenly, of Healthy and Productive Michigan, to argue against it.

On May 24th, NORC will host a forum of the of the republican attorney general candidates.  This event will be held at the Waterford Township Hall to accommodate more people.  We will give NORC members, in good standing, the ability to submit questions in advance for the candidates through our web site.  You can become a member or renew in “good standing” at our next meeting or at norc-us.org.

On June 7th, the 11th CDRC is hosting a debate of the Candidates for Congress for the 11th Congressional District and NORC members in good standing will have the opportunity to provide questions through the comments area of this web site.  The venue is the Livonia City Hall at 7:00pm.